Friday, March 8, 2013

Thursday, February 21, 2013

SOUND SLEEP at night keeps you more HEALTHY and FRESH for the entire day !!!

The Food that we eat, the Water that we drink and the Air that we breath protects our body. Likewise, a Sound Sleep at Night is also quite essential for our body, which can keep us more healthy and active. Our body and mind gets more tired due to different activities that it does during the entire day. So, they loose their energy level to take up any more strain. In order to reinforce that energy back to our body and mind, apart from food and other regularities, we need a sound sleep at night. Out of the available 24 hours in a day, any newborn baby needs around 16 hours of sleep ! and an average adult needs a minimum of 6 to 7 hours of good sleep.

Not having  sound sleep at night can lead to many sleeping disorders. The most common sleep disorder in adults is INSOMNIA. Many sleeping disorders depend on one's lifestyle and attitude. Few bad habits which we develop over the years cause such sleeping disorders. So, one can dramatically improve the sleeping quality by adopting few minor changes or adjustments in their own lifestyle and attitude.The very first thing is to try and control that CLOCK, which is well within our brain.

So, to get good sleep, try to work along with your body clock and never try to go against it. 

Follow these simple rules:

#1.  Fix up a time and practice getting up at the same time every day.

#2. Get back to your bed at the fixed time every night.

#3.  Go to bed when you feel tired. Don't ignore tiredness.

#4Don't consume any hard food before going to bed.

#5.  Avoid Coffee, Tea and any such caffeinated drinks close to your bedtime.

#6.  An hour before you go to bed, try to have some light exercise, so that your body becomes bit tired and is ready to get relaxed.

#7.Let there be enough light and air entering your bedroom.


#8.Don't allow eateries and utensil like things to pile up in and around your sleeping bed.

#9.  Don't ever take your official work on to your bed.

#10. If time permits, try to take a warm bath before you go to bed.

That's why dml says "Your health is in your hands"!!

So friends, have a sound sleep and get afresh to see what is in store for you tomorrow !!

Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Your destiny is in your hands

Yes your destiny is in your own hands!!

Your own character decides your destiny. And your characters are nothing but your own habits!!
One's habits are developed through their actions.
Normally, you try to put your thoughts into action!!
So, changing your thoughts can also change your destiny!!

Just look at this.

The Elephant has thought of crossing the tracks. Now, it has put it's thought into action. Can this change the Elephant's destiny or the Train's ? 
Just think over...

That is why dml says..

Your destiny is in your own Hands...